Burgess Rural Pty Ltd farms 5,909 hectares of property in Victoria and NSW. The enterprise comprises cropping of canola, wheat, triticale, the breeding of merino and 1st cross ewes, 2nd cross lambs for the lamb market and wool production. It also has pine tree plantations for softwood production. The properties are not only focussed on primary production, but ensure that the land condition and property enhancement is maintained and enriched through constant improvements via a whole farm plan overlay. Yearly Landcare projects are undertaken to ensure gully erosion, salinity, water quality, soil stability, recharge control and native vegetation are addressed.

The stocking program is consistently monitored along with industry and venture trends. Strategic worm control is undertaken along with pasture renovation, which is monitored via annual deep soil testing.

Burgess Rural Pty Ltd comprises of five farms, which are run by full time Farm Managers.

"Lockerbie" Kalkallo Vic:

  • The original farm in the Burgess Rural entreprise now comprises 1,124 hectares, running more than 4,000 1st cross ewes, which when joined with Poll Dorset rams produce exceptional prime lamb for the quality meat market.

"Bucki" Henty NSW:

  • A mized farm entreprise on 2,156 hectares.

  • Running a self-replicating merino flock of more than 3,000 large frame merino ewes, it supplies not only its own progeny but also the Holbook farm's replacement merino ewes for it's 1st cross lamb operation.

  • In addition the fine merino sheep produce high quality 18-20 micron wool.

  • Cropping is also a vital part of this property with Wheat, Canola, Triticale, Lupins and Oats rotated throughout the seasons.

"Lockerbie" Holbrook NSW:

Utilises 894 hectares for sheep, cropping and farm forestry (radiata pine)

The sheep enterprise utilises more than 2,000 large frame merino ewes (sourced from Bucki) which are bred with Border Leicester rams producing 1st cross lambs as well as fine merino wool. Some of these quality 1st cross sheep supply the Kalkallo farm with its 1st cross ewes.

Cropping can include Wheat, Triticale and Canola.

"Minimbah" and "Jananee" Holbrook NSW:

  • These two farms, which combined exceed 1,735 hectares, have a plantation area of 1,200 hectares of radiata pine via a softwood venture with State Forests NSW. The remaining land is used for agistment.